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WhatsApp Calling Now Open To All Android & iOS Users


WhatsApp Calling is a feature that enables users to talk to their contacts over the internet – as it happens on Skype. Few weeks back, WhatsApp introduced a voice calling feature which didn’t make it to all users but the few who had it were able to test the feature and gave reports. Well today, there’s an update to WhatsApp for Android & iOS which brings a stable voice call feature.

Heading over to the app store now, you will find WhatsApp in its version 2.11.528 or 2.22.531 elsewhere (WhatsApp’s website & APKMirror). People who have this update installed on their devices have confirmed the WhatsApp call feature available to them. Your guess? It is now available to all.

In the update, there’s a new tab dedicated to show incoming, outgoing and missed WhatsApp calls with a timestamp to each log. While you are on a call, you can choose to mute the microphone or activate the loudspeaker as you wish. Ongoing calls will stay active in the notification panel while missed calls hop into a notification pane which you can read later.

The contact chat window now features a call button sitting next to the attach button – this makes for easier and faster dialing. Also when you click on a contact’s display picture, you get to see a larger profile picture with three options lying beneath – message, call and view info. Wait! There’s something you have to know yet.

WhatsApp Calling feature will not work for you until you activate it. After you run the update, you will not see anything like a calls tab or a call icon anywhere in the app.


You still have to get something similar to an invite as experienced with the previous beta testing feature before you can make use of WhatsApp Calling. Here although, you only need someone who has the WhatsApp calling feature activated. Kind of a like a circle you have to get yourself involved in.

THE PROCESS: You need to receive a call from someone who has updates his/her WhatsApp and has enabled the Call feature. Upon receiving this call, exit and reopen your WhatsApp and viola, you sit with the elite group for now. The problem now is finding a friend who has this feature enabled. (I can help, maybe?)

Once you have been activated for WhatsApp voice call, you will find a new three tabbed WhatApp messenger showing you Calls, Chats & Contacts after you launch.

Now, go tell your friends about it. Make good use of the share buttons below. Also don’t forget to help others by giving them a call.

UPDATE: WhatsApp 2.12.7 is now available via or external link.



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