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Snackshots For iOS Lets You Create Custom Facebook Messenger Stickers

snackshot - mobileraft

With stickers becoming significantly popular and apparently replacing emojis – maybe because they appear to be expensive and cuter – there’s  a bulk of apps out there that allow smartphone users to express themselves using stickers; beloved Facebook Messenger is a good example. However, newer apps like Snackshots opens us to a whole new world of rich stickers for use in everyday messaging.

Snackshots is an iOS app that provides a library of awesome stickers and allows you to create custom versions using its in-built editor. It comes with different characters and with many different poses that you can send over Facebook messenger.

Most importantly, you can add text and a background to your custom-made stickers; set color and size of text; change font style and change backgrounds as you desire.

snackshot - mobileraft

It’s easy to use…

Open Snackshots, select a character from the library and browse through available poses for the current character. You can as well resize the character, flip, drag and reposition till it appeals. As soon as you’re done playing around, you can now go ahead to add text, background and whatever. Just do what you want to do with it and as you wish.

Yay! I’ve got my very own sticker created, what next? Simply tap the check-mark at the top of the app and choose to save it to your camera roll or send to a Facebook contact.

Snackshots is a fun and interesting app. I think you should have it.

Download Snackshot from Apple App Store.

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