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5 Essential Things To Consider Before Buying ANY Smartphone


Buying-a-Smartphone-mobileraftYou want to buy a smartphone and you feel like you’re about to choose a spouse for the rest of your life? Keep calm, you can work on this in a few hours, perhaps days? Left to you!

Buying a smartphone isn’t about the beauty or that John just got it and I want to have it as well kind of thing. Similarly, long gone are the days where the most expensive device is the best. This is 2015 and things have changed!

Today, Stephanie can say this phone is the best and Elizabeth on her own says the other one is the best; eventually, they could both be right. How possible? PREFERENCE! The way ‘real people’ [mind the quotes] judge mobile phones now is a little beyond specifications; they combine price, needs, personal interest(s) and yes, specifications to rightly give an award to a new device in town. For folks like me who do not understand most tech jargon, I simply make a list of what I need from a mobile device, smart or not, and then buy the one that best meets my requirements or nearly.

The power of PREFERENCE when choosing a smartphone cannot be overemphasized. Truly, you will find many persuasive posts putting ice cream on many cones (mobile phones in this case) but in the end, who will get to live with the device? YOU! So your personal desire is essential when you want to pick a new mobile device. Here’s a few of those things you need to put on check before you make the visit to any phone dealer at all:

  1. SIZE

Obviously you want to get a smartphone (because this is 2015) and you must be aware that the size of the incoming device does matter. I have lived with people who prefer smaller phones that have all the functionalities in the world. On the other hand, some want their phone’s screen to compete with that of their Samsung TV. The question is: do you love big phones? Can you carry them around? If your answer to these is YES then you might want to pick up devices with 5.0 inch screen and above. If small is what you prefer, you can go for 4.0-4.5 inch screen and you’ll be just fine. While big screens are perfect for typing documents and long chats, small screens will fit right into your pocket and ease one-handed typing. That said, it is quite unfortunate that more 5-inch screen smartphones are reaching us and smaller screen sizes are rubbing off – whichever way, know how big you want your smartphone to be; no one is interested in listening to your complain thereafter.


Another important thing to note is why you want to buy a new smartphone. Do you need a device that will handle your ever-buzzing calls, or one that will keep you connected everywhere you go? There are several reasons why you might want a new device. Whatever your reason is, make sure that you spell it out distinctively. A device might actually fit well for photos other than messaging-on-the-go and vice versa. If however, you just want something that will welcome your calls and texts and perform basic tasks; I don’t think you should be queuing for high-end devices. Please donate to charity instead.


Do you love to swim around productivity apps that will get your daily job done quickly? Or you are an avid gamer that you can even tap buttons in your sleep or say you’re someone who can take a picture of the last mosquito that bit you before it races off? This is where you need to decide. If you want a smartphone that will perform fairly in all categories, you need to sit longer and decide from many devices that play well for that. For more specific people, operating systems may solve your problem. Take my little suggestion: People who want apps and games can embrace Android or iOS (iPhones and other i-s) while people who love photography can choose to pick a Windows Phone device from Microsoft of course. This doesn’t necessarily say that one device cannot perform well for other needs because I have mentioned its area of significance. Every smartphone does pretty well in all areas but the savvy people will need more functionality. Try to determine if that phone you are considering is for pure gamers or photographers and don’t get it twisted, Megapixels alone don’t tell how powerful a camera is – that’s topic for another day!


You have decided to make one pretty smartie your next device and ready to visit the store tomorrow. Alas! Even the best of them can have battery issues or say, a less capable battery. Basically, the processing power of a mobile device together with the rating of the battery in conjunction with the display it packs and the number of CPUs present therein determines how long the battery will sustain you. For example, a small phone with 1.2GHz dual core processor and 1,500mAh battery should last longer than one with 2.3GHz quad-core processor and 2000mAh battery. Ratio – do the math! While this is not guaranteed because Technology improves daily and things get optimized a lot, it’s sure something to hold on to. Folks who live in places with poor power supply should take this aspect very serious.


Finally! You don’t want to hide your phone in cool parties because you feel it doesn’t look quite presentable. This time, you will get confused by pictures on the internet. They all look great! Now, follow your heart and try look for videos where people talk about the device you like. There, you will see how it really looks like on the rear and front. Personally, I like to bring out my Lumia device when I’m trying to flaunt something; I have the red hot variant of a particular model. iPhones, HTCs & Samsungs also fall in the category of premium-looking devices that will interest you.

There you go people! If however, you need extra help deciding which device will fit you well, get a list of your top picks and come over here to tell us. The contact page is right there waiting for you.

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