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Proximity Lock/Unlock Lets You Unlock Your Android Without Touching It

As more Android devices come with new and improved sensors, app developers are taking advantage of the development by springing in awesome apps that enable you maximize the usage of these sensors.

Lock/Unlock is one of those great proximity sensor apps with enjoyable features plus, it comes in the all-ravishing material design. Here’s what Lock/Unlock will do for you:

  • Lock and Unlock phone
  • Sleep/Wake phone
  • Activate Wi-Fi.

proximity lock unlock - mobileraft

To lock or unlock your phone using this app, simply hover your hand over the proximity sensor (usually located at the top, beside the device’s earpiece) and your device will respond accordingly – response speed depends on your device processing ability.

In like manner, you can use the app to activate or deactivate Wi-Fi connectivity quickly and easily – just by hovering your hand! Proximity lock/unlock will also let help you to sleep or wake your device when you slip it in/out of your pocket (pocket mode). This feature does not only work when your phone goes into your pocket though; it performs the same function when you place the phone upside down on a thick surface.

That’s Proximity lock/unlock in a few good words. The developer Crimson Scythe would be more than happy to receive your feedback if you love the app. Personally, I think it’s a nice app for you to try out.

Download link:

Download Proximity Lock/Unlock For Android [1.9MB]



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