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Say Hello To The Power Bank You Never Need To Charge


Power bank! Power bank! Saving our butts since 19-forever. However, there is this problem most of us have with carrying a power bank around; especially one that has above 10,000mAh capacity. They’re always too ‘orobo’ and bulky! The higher the capacity, the more the weight and size.
So if you want something that can last as backup for 24 hours+, know that you’d be getting a big bank of power that mostly won’t fit into your pocket! Huge problem when it comes to mobility…

How about power bank with a twist – one that can slide into most pockets easily?

PocketPower In Use. (Image Credits: Yanko Design)

PocketPower wants to give you maximum backup and power without breaking the ‘slim deal’. These guys have assembled four solar panels into one pocket-friendly gadget that charges your phone anywhere, anytime! Of a truth, this is not entirely a power bank but what better name can it be called?

PocketPower refills any USB-charging device directly by using solar power with its four slim energy regenerating solar panels that continue to work endlessly (even when it’s raining). It is flexible, spots a light design and only 2mm thick. The device is designed in a way that all four panels can be folded to look like a wallet plus, its weight is around 200grams only.
Regardless the condition of the weather, this amazing gadget still works! PocketPower boasts of standing strong when there’s rain, snow and even so much sand. This is truly amazing!

Unlike the conventional power bank, PocketPower is slimmer, lighter and a more flexible option (you can strap it anywhere, anyhow!). It gets even sweeter because you don’t have to charge it at all. Whenever you plug your device, it directly pushes transformed solar energy into it.
And finally, since it doesn’t pack any Lithium ion battery in it, this is much safer to use. No fears of explosion whatsoever.

Buy Flexsolar PocketPower via KickStarter.


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