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iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Worth The Upgrade?

Hello there! So we were introduced to the new iPhone XS on the 12th of September 2018 and some of you might be contemplating a phone upgrade. Well, just before you make that swap, let’s see if it is really worth the effort. In this article, we would do a kind of showdown between the iPhone X and iPhone XS in terms of design, performance, display, and price.


When it comes to design, the iPhone X and XS are almost the same in external features except that there are a few tweaks the iPhone XS comes with which makes it a little better. The iPhone X kicked off the OLED displays in the iPhone series, which is also present in the XS brand except that it has a 60% dynamic range with HDR content. This is backed up with Dolby Vision/HDR10 support, which means a greater improvement in images and video quality. Both have the 5.8-inch display, with 19.5:9 aspect ratio and the 60Hz panel refresh rate; however, the 60Hz panel refresh rate in the iPhone XS reacts twice as quickly to touch input compared to the iPhone X.

The home button and fingerprint unlock feature in the iPhone X are absent in the iPhone XS. For the iPhone XS, the small top bezels houses all the components needed for the Face ID facial recognition feature that unlocks the phone (although the facial recognition feature is in the iPhone X, it is slower). The iPhone X comes only in silver and space grey colors, while the XS gets a Gold version added to the silver and grey.

You get a more dynamic and rich sound due to the improved sound system on the iPhone XS, however, you don’t get the usual headphone jack that comes with other iPhone brands.

iPhone X vs XS
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The apple A11 chipset series (iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 plus) was by far the fastest performing phones last year.  The good news is the A12 chipset in the iPhone XS is retaining this performance. Both phones have a six-core CPU, while the XS has a four core GPU, an M12 motion coprocessor and a 4 GB RAM, the X has a three-core GPU, an M11 motion coprocessor and a 3 GB RAM. The external storage space for the iPhone X is about 64 gb/256gb storage variants, while that of the iPhone XS is about 64gb/256gb/512gb storage variants. Personally, this is one worthwhile upgrade to be embraced eagerly because the XS gives you ‘more space’, and greater multi-tasking ability. The iPhone XS has a faster 4G network, with a jump from Cat 12 to Cat 16LTE plus a 600MHz band. The iPhone XS is the only iPhone that ever supports the 600 MHz bandwidth which is a bonus for those residing in 600MHz areas. Also, unlike other iPhone brands, the iPhone XS comes as a dual sim phone, but the second sim is an eSIM; which means that the two sims work simultaneously giving you the ability to share work/home roaming numbers in one device.


Both phones offer the same 12MP +12 MP dual rear cameras with Quad-LED flash, f/1.8 aperture, 1.4µ +1.0µ pixel size. The iPhone XS mimics the image processing of Google’s Pixels, and what Google calls the HDR+, Apple has named Smart HDR which takes the best parts of various shots at different exposures and incorporates it into a single image. The improvements on the Portrait Mode presents the ability to adjust the background blur of a picture after it is taken. Both phones offer the same 7MP selfie camera with f/2.2 aperture. While the XS has an infrared lens for Face ID, the iPhone X uses the selfie camera for Face ID.


An upside to everything so far is the fact that the iPhone XS has a better battery capacity of 2658mAh while the iPhone X has a battery capacity of 2716mAh.

In conclusion, the differences between both phones are so few, and no one will tell if you are using the X or XS unless you buy the gold version, so my take for present iPhone X owners is to wait for the next iPhone release (which is in a year’s time).

That’s all on today’s phone showdown, for other complaints or reviews on the new iPhone XS, do tell in the comment section and share with your friends.

Price In Nigeria

We would agree that the iPhone X changed the trend in the iPhone collection, but the iPhone XS pushes the price even higher. As at September 2018, the iPhone X price was about N300,000, while the iPhone XS is said to be about N350,000. The price difference of about 50,000 is a giant leap if you ask me.

Final Words

Things are changing, but did they change enough? Considering the ‘slight’ differences and price, maybe? It’s up to you at this point to decide if the iPhone XS is a worthy upgrade to its predecessor. But, of course, newer phones always get the glory. Pick it up if you have a need for it. Camera-wise, it may be the best option for any gadget-freak out there.



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