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How Your Mobile Phone Can Help You Pass UTME



Hello prospective undergraduate, welcome to Mobileraft! Take a seat while I share with you a piece of information you never really gave attention to. True, it is quite useful!

The fear of getting good grades in Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is expectedly increasing each year of the century and matters have gotten worse since we heard the news that everything which concerneth JAMB or UTME is going wireless (paperless in short). This fear unfortunately, has led many students to early failure even before taking the examination – it happened last year, the year before and seem to iterate itself each year.

Because UTME is going computerized in full and an average Nigerian student spends over 7 hours daily on his/her mobile phone, let’s connect the dots and find a way your mobile phone can help in scoring excellent marks in this year’s UTME.

Quick Advice

  • Be yourself.
  • Know your limits and maximize your reach.
  • If you have failed before, calm down. It might just be fate!
  • Believe you worth a great score and that you can get it.


Tell me you have not used your phone for over 15 minutes today already and I’ll call you a liar. Although for some reasons (most especially battery issues), you might not have. The question is, what do you do on your mobile phone each time you pick it up? Just calls, text, chat, music, games, what? For serious students, there’s more to your mobile phone. Even the smallest of them can be a good calculator when you’re trying to find out the percentage profit or loss from a math question. SEE? Instead of burning quality time on excessive social engagement, you can use what you like to get what you wish (good grades).

Your mobile phone as a textbook:

The internet is a library of abundant information and cheats. Cheats I say? Yes, you are free to cheat before examinations. Depending on the operating system running on your phone, you can get a PDF reader to open subject materials you find online. Google is your friend in this regard! There are other document formats but you’ll find most in PDF. My point here is that, instead of reading a bunch of valueless status updates, tweets or chats, you can do some reading about one or more topic of your favorite subject without leaving your beloved mobile phone. The fun of it is that, you can listen to music or get something fun running on your phone while you do this. Just you and your mobile!

Your mobile phone as a Mathematical Set:

Don’t be shocked when I say your mobile phone can be used as a ruler. Almost all the popular mobile operating systems have kind developers that care much about students who are addicted to their mobile phones. There are lots of productivity apps that will help mathematicians get stuff done as quickly as possible; anytime, anywhere. While the pre-installed calculator may not have advance functions, I can bet Android, Windows Phone and iOS and BlackBerry have quite a handful of scientific calculators in their respective app stores. Go explore your store and see if that app you need is there. Should be!

Your mobile phone as a Literature Book:

At least I know Aldiko Reader for Android and Bookvise Reader for Windows Phone. These are great electronic book readers you can have on your most loved phone. While you are in the car, bus or somewhere alone, you can help yourself by getting familiar with the world of literature – obviously by reading ‘meaningful’ books that can help your vocabulary and knowledge in English language overall. Remember, no one can escape writing English Language in JAMB.

Your mobile phone as a Jotter:

Fine, you can’t afford to carry books around because they are too heavy or you just don’t want to carry anything. But your phone will be in your pocket right? Good! There are apps like Evernote, One Note and others that can come in handy when you need to jot something you found in a friend’s Chemistry or Accounting textbook as the case may be. Some phones have notepads installed therein; if not, search the apps market where you found Facebook and WhatsApp *winks*, you’ll definitely find a note-taking app you can carry everywhere.

Your mobile phone as a Dictionary and Thesaurus:

There’s no escaping ‘nearest in meaning’ and ‘opposite in meaning’ questions in your English exams. Find a suitable dictionary for your phone. A good student takes note of new words and lookup the meaning in a dictionary. That’s how it should be. Fortunately for you, most mobile phone dictionaries have Thesaurus inbuilt which will show you the synonyms of a particular word. Easy peasy!

Your mobile phone as a Live Teacher

Google, Bing and Yahoo are your friends when it comes to finding something. A student once told me she learnt how to solve questions that involves Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy via the internet – Physics! Is there a topic you feel you’re not sound enough? Check the internet; some people have explained it there for you. It’s either it becomes more complex or extremely easy to understand! Today, there are numerous videos on YouTube teaching you various subject topics. Why don’t you find more of these videos instead of the latest music video (at least for now)? Also, you can talk to your subject teacher through the internet – thanks to that same Facebook and WhatsApp you make use of everyday! When something is not clear, take a picture of what you did and send to your teacher for clarifications. Cool right? Bet you never thought of it!

Your mobile phone as a Quiz Master

You’d never really know your stand in a particular field unless you are tested. I can assure you that you will find one or two or more quiz applications in your app store. Most come in form of games and others are text documents. Regardless, get yourself as many quiz apps and test your knowledge on subjects of your choice. Alternatively, you can create chat groups of like minds and people of similar interest to exchange questions and observations as you study. Facebook and WhatsApp groups are very good for this purpose.

Your mobile phone as your Time Keeper

Everything we do in life is in one way or the other related to time which cares for no one. Let me help you – set an alarm/reminder for any free time of the day which will be your study time. Whenever this alert pops up, always respect it. Try to give yourself ‘self-discipline’ in that aspect! Respect that alarm and make sure you study. Do this every day until the D-day and you’ll see for yourself that this is actually a good practice. Need I remind you that time wasted can never be redeemed? Study now so that you don’t have to study again.

What do you think people? Isn’t your mobile phone awesome? JAMB goes paperless for ease of examinations; you too can go paperless for ease of success. Start making use of your phone for goodness. Quit wasting your time on it doing other things!

I wish you all the best in the forthcoming exams and don’t forget to say thank you to your mobile phone when your great testimonies appear. It sure helped in one way or the other 😉

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