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Ntel Data Plans & Bundles, How To Subscribe & Activate

Heard of Ntel? Yes, a reincarnate of the good ol’ Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL). And they’re back with a bang! I am covering everything you need to know about Ntel Data Plans, bundles and how to subscribe on this page. You’re welcome in advance 🙂

First, it is worthy of note that Ntel offers a 4G LTE only service with data subscription as low as N1,500. Also, the company emphasizes on the fact that each data plan on the network is UNLIMITED that is, you are only paying for the time-frame which you’ll be using their service and not data usage per se. As at the time of writing this post, Ntel network is only deployed to 3 states in Nigeria; which are Lagos, Port Harcourt & Abuja. We can only hope to see their headlight in other states as soon as possible. Also note that an NTel SIM will only work on an LTE supporting phone, modem, MiFi or router. See recommended devices.

I will update this blog with a more populated list of supported devices in future. Ensure that you bookmark this page; it takes less than a second 😉

HOW TO GET AN NTEL SIM Card (New Method)

  • Walk in to any Ntel store close to you. Find store locations in your state.
  • Pay a sum of N1,000 to purchase the SIM Pack.
  • Subscribe to any of their available plans (by paying of course) and you are all activated!

HOW TO GET AN NTEL SIM Card (Old Method)

  • Reserve your number by visiting the Ntel reservation page
  • Enter your details as requested then proceed to type the number you wish to have.
  • If valid or available, you can go ahead to choose your preferred pickup state (Lagos , Port Harcourt or Abuja).
  • Upon success, NTel will send you a text message once your SIM is available for pickup. Then you can smile to their office to acquire your NTel SIM.


Basically, all you need to activate your SIM is to subscribe to a plan and connect to the network. If you are using an unlocked or universal modem, ensure that you create a new APN profile and set the Access Point/APN as ntel.


SMARTPHONE LITE – Unlimited data plan for 2 days. Costs N1,500

SMARTPHONE DATA WEEKLY– Unlimited data plan for 7 days. Costs N3,750

SMARTPHONE DATA MONTHLY – Unlimited data plan for 30 days. Costs N17,500.


NTel has also recently introduced what they call the NTel Wawu Sim. Why is it called the ‘wawu’ SIM, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s free. Exactly! Not only is it free, as soon as you have it registered and activated, you get a free 1 GB data bundle valid for 48 hours. Wawu indeed!

Ntel Wawu also offers free 10 GB upon registration which is valid for 30 solid days, calls can be made at 8kobo per second to all networks and 500% bonus on all data plans you buy for a year.

Simply unbeatable! I am yet to see any service provider that can compete with this unbelievable wawu something. If you haven’t gotten a NTel SIM yet, YOU MAY BE MISSING OUT RIGHT NOW.


Need to renew your Ntel data plan? You can top-up your data bundle easily by visiting the Top-up page and hitting the RECHARGE WITH CARD button. This allows you to use your bank’s ATM card via Quickteller platform to top-up your Ntel SIM. And as such, you will have to provide your ATM card details as well as PIN in that regard. Upon success, go back again to the top-up page then click the BUY BUNDLE button. Choose the preferred data plan you topped-up for and voila, pizza is ready! You may need to wait a few minutes for the data plan to be activated though.

Final Notes: Easy does it folks! Ntel as well have a fair use policy which highlights that:

At peak periods each day, any customer who has used a total volume of 3GB will be slowed down to 512bps. According to Ntel, they no longer cap their data plans which means you can continue to enjoy unlimited internet data with unlimited speed.

While Ntel network coverage may not have spread wide enough, those who swear it, well… They swear by it! It’s what I use in my hood and it’s dope if you ask me. These Ntel data plans are a lifesaver, especially for data hungry ladies and gentlemen. And just in case you were wondering, you can also make calls, send SMS and stuff with your NTel SIM card. They’ve got a package for all those as well.

There’s a rise in data usage as well as increased acceptance of highly sophisticated devices such as modern gunscopes . We’re not entirely surprised though.

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