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Konga Mobile App Sales Brings Up To 75% Discount On Phone Deals; Starts May 28

First of it’s kind? Well, yes! Konga, one of Nigeria’s leading ecommerce website is bringing to us iron-breaking discounts on deals in select categories for 5 full days. Konga Mobile App Sales will run from May 28th to 1st of June, 2015 and will offer discounts up to 75% for phone deals, tablets, fashion, computers and other categories.

The catch however is that you have to install the Konga Mobile App on your smartphone to be the first to receive these deal alerts from 6AM each day. Desktop users are not left out of the smashing sales though, they get access to these deals from 9AM.

Here’s an infographic explaining what Konga Mobile App Sales is and what you should expect:

Download Konga Mobile App (Android & iOS only)

Konga Mobile App Sales
Click to enlarge.


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