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Inst10 is A Clean, Fully Featured Instagram Client For BlackBerry 10

Inst10 for BlackBerry 10 - mobileraft

Inst10 for BlackBerry 10 - mobileraft

There are not many Instagram clients for BlackBerry 10 devices but a few that have shown up so far are pretty nice. This post takes on Inst10 Instagram Client for BlackBerry 10 by Nemory Studios and I will be taking you though what is to be expected of the app.

Inst10 is a worthy native client for Instagram available to BlackBerry devices running OS 10.x. Note that I made use of ‘native’ – meaning this is not one of those ported apps onto BB10 platform. It’s clean, fluid and spots every feature the official client on other platforms boasts of.

With Inst10, you can create/login to your Instagram account, upload photos, apply filters, send direct messages and do other basic stuff a normal Instagram client would let you.

Here’s the full list of Inst10 features:

  • Unlimited Multi Accounts Support
  • All features of Instagram you see on other platforms are available on #inst10
  • Buttery Smooth, Fluid, Fast, Beautiful and Customizable UI
  • User Friendly UI and Experience
  • Create/Register an Account
  • Upload and Post Photos
  • Send Direct Messages
  • Receive Headless Hub Integrated Notifications
  • Great Emojis + Emoticons Keyboard
  • Compose and reply from the BlackBerry Hub
  • Re-Gram and Re-Direct Posts
  • Share a photo from anywhere to #inst10
  • Edit your Pictures with an Advanced Editor + Filters
  • Save Images and Videos
  • Find friends from Facebook
  • Find friends from Contacts
  • Multi Post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Switch to Dark Theme
  • Change overall Color Schemes
  • Set your overall App Wallpaper + a Wallpaper Store
  • Put more security with adding an App Security Password Layer
  • OS Search Integration with BlackBerry Assistant
  • Secured and Safe Network Connection.

This app also let’s you save Instagram photos and videos to your phone easily. That, with it’s beautiful environment makes Inst10 one of the best Instagram clients out there.

Inst10 is free to download and you will enjoy 7 days of full functionality. After usage for 7 days, you get to pay a sum of $2.99 to continue enjoying full functionality. You’d still have access to the app but with limited features and adverts until you support the developer with fixed token.

Download Inst10 for BlackBerry 10 devices now!

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