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How To Identify A Fake Infinix Note 3

In a world filled with lies, deceit and even fake friends, it is only normal that we come across a plethora of counterfeit products. This article will educate you on how to spot a fake Infinix Note 3 so you don’t end up crying home. The experience is just sad, trust me!

At first, we thought China ‘chinko’ products were classical counterfeits but now that there’s chinko of chinko. What more surprises shall we see?

Don’t fall victim! Here’s how you can verify if that shiny Infinix Note 3 is original or not:

Offense #1
No micro-SD Card Slot: 
A fake Infinix Note 3 does not have any slot or port for expandabble storage via SD card (memory card).

Offense #2
Dummy Fingerprint Sensor: 
Just like when you buy a selfie stick and the button is not doing anything but just design. That kind-a thing! Test the fingerprint sensor to see if it works before you proceed to check other things.

Offense #3
Charging Port Has ‘gbera’ To The Top: 
Imagine how you wouldn’t know that the original Infinix Note 3 has its charging port at the bottom. The fake ones however, have their charging port at the top of the phone or maybe even on the screen (just kidding 😀 )

Offense #4
Sensors Are Magically Rearranged: 
The sensors of the fake Infinix Note 3 (even if they are working) are quite different from the original’s and so is their positioning. Please refer to the image below.

Offense #5
Different Surprising Accessories That Will Wow You: 
Hmm. These fakes come with extra screen guard, extra cords, extra everything and you wonder if Infinix is doing Christmas for you. On the other hand, the accessories may be very small in number – like seeing only usb cord in the package. Be careful, the original Note 3 will only have a power adapter, headphone jack, usb cord, port opening pin, protective film and user manual. If you see any extra ‘too good to be true’ accessory, please leave that outlet at once.

That said, I recommend that you buy your devices from trusted and reputable outlets. If you have to walk into any road-side shop, be sure they’re trusted too.
Be safe!


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