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How To Take Snapchat Photos Using The Apple Watch

Conventionally, Apple Watch can be used as a remote shutter for the default iPhone Camera app. Now what if someone wants to take a few selfies or group shots with some other app?

Thanks to Reddit user JaJaWa, you can now take Snapchat photos (or other third-party photo/video apps) using the Apple Watch as your shutter.

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How To Take Snapchat Photos Using Apple Watch

  1. Open up Snapchat
  2. Enter the camera view to take a new photo
  3. Pick up your Apple Watch and open the ‘Now Playing‘ glance – this is done by swiping up from the bottom of the watch screen then swiping right or left again until ‘Now Playing’ glance shows up.
  4. Rotate the Digital Crown to take a picture.

This trick is not limited to Snapchat as it has been tested to work with Hyperlapse from Instagram, Camera+, Flickr, Manual and other photo/video apps that use volume controls for shutter function.

Note: This trick will not work with Instagram, PhotoStudio, VSCOcam.

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