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How To Spot A Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Cloned phones or fake phones are never recommended by any sane person because they are made from very cheap materials and most annoyingly have poor output. Need I tell you that you won’t get to enjoy the phone for an expected period of time?

What many fail to realize is that these cloned phones have highly attractive prices – this is something to make you beware! Why would you go for a device that ordinarily sells for $500 at a whooping price of $200? If this offer is not coming from Samsung, I hardly would opt-in. Nowadays though, fake phone sellers (scammers in disguise) have stepped up their game so you will find cloned devices at almost the same price with the original for people like me not to guess right. That’s their trick but this doesn’t stop us from finding out what they are really selling.

Side Note: I feel sorry for eBay auction buyers because this can be a tough one for them since they won’t get to see the product physically until they receive it.


Even tech enthusiasts are not spared from falling for many Chinese products posing to be a real Galaxy phanpium (pardon my gibberish). They look exactly the same vis-a-vis and if you are not well grounded with mobile revolution, you might end up using your new phone for months without realizing it is FAKE! The day you realize, you will know what exactly you have been missing – A big regret. Now, note these tips:

  1. Be familiar with the original Samsung Galaxy Note 4 models. Traditionally, a Galaxy device should have the prefix ‘SM’ and then model number immediately following it on the box. SM-N910F is a correct Samsung Galaxy Note 4 model number; other network-specific variants can be in form of SM-N910P, SM-N910A and SM-N910T). If however, you see something like N910 only, you should know by now that it’s one of those clones you don’t want to buy.
  2. Go into the phone’s settings. Select About Phone and you should see a Custom Build version of “i9228” as well as a Baseband version of “MOLY”. Anything other than this, it’s simple, KEEP OFF!
  3. A fake Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 will show you some Chinese characters (which I doubt you’d understand) when you power off the device and holding down the Volume down + Center Home + Power on buttons aftermath. Ordinarily, you should see ODIN download mode which is expected to display the original model number of the NOTE at the top.
  4. The camera app should have 1080P and 4K video settings therein. Obviously, the fake versions cannot have these due to poor hardware connecting the dots of the phone.
  5. Lastly, look behind the phone on the battery pane, if what you see is “Made by Sansung”, it’s FAKE! “Made by Samsung” is what we should all know.

Avoid spending more for less; don’t fall for all these cloned Samsung Galaxy devices out there. Until Chinese companies stop producing these cloned smartphones, we will continue to have this confusion but I believe the 5-super list above will help you in 80 (if not 90) of many horrid smartphone purchasing dilemma. Caveat Emptor!


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