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Hidden Features Of Your Blackberry Phone

blackberry-secret-codes-hidden functions

blackberry-secret-codes-hidden functions

Here are some BlackBerry secret codes and hidden functions you might not have discovered since you got your device.


1. Code: ALT+NMLL

Function – Changes the signal meter from the standard bars to a decibel display, entering the code again will revert back to the bars.


Function – The Techinical information menu, if you are trying to get support or help you will probably need the information displayed here.

3. Code: ALT+VALD

Function – Validates the address book, can only be used in the address book.

4. Code: ALT+RBLD

Function – Forces the address book to rebuild, can only be used in the address book.

5. Code: *#06#

Function – Displays the IMEI (home screen)

6. Code: ALT+RBVS

Function – Used in the browser to view the page source code, useful if you are developing applications.

7. Code: ALT+LGLG

Function – Displays the devices event log, if you are struggling to get BES/BIS working the information here can be very useful.


Function – Soft reset a blackberry device, this is not a format or hard reset. Just a reboot. Smart System Codes (Type these in a message box for example while composing a new e-mail)

9. Code: MYVER

Function – Displays the Software Version and Model Number of the device.

10. Code: LD

Function – Local Date is displayed.

11. Code: LT

Function – Local Time is displayed.

12. Code: MYSIQ

Function – Displays the device owner information.

13. Code: MYPIN

Function -Device PIN is displayed.


Function – Displays the Language Selection Screen

15. Code: LOLO

Function – Use on the Date/Time screen to display the network date and time.

16. Code: ALT+LGLG

Function – Displays event logs of all the system -level events that occur on your device.

17. Code: ALT+VIEW

Function – Displays the ID’s in the messages menu.

18. Code: ALT+THMN

Function – Use in the themes menu to disable themes.

19. Code: ALT+THMD

Function – Use in the theme menu to return to the default blackberry theme.

20. Code: ALT+SMON

Function – Enables the simulated WLAN wizard (WLAN Menu).

21. Code: ALT+SMOF

Function – Disables the simulated WLAN wizard (WLAN Menu).

22. Code: BUYR

Function – Display data and voice usage, enter at the status screen (options>status ). Sim Card Shortcuts (no ALT required, found under Options>Advanced>Sim Card)

23. Code: MEP1

Function – Enable/Disable Sim personalization.

24. Code: MEP2

Function – Enable/Disable Network personalization. Code: MEP3 Function – Enable/Disable Network subset personalization.

25. Code: MEP4

Function – Enable/Disable Service provider personalization. Code: MEP5 Function – Enable/Disable Corporate personalization.

26. Code: MEPD

Function – MEP Information Display – Shows Status .


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