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Heads Up: iMessage Crashing Bug Hugs iOS 8+

Recently, a new bug has been discovered which affects iPhones and iPads, mainly causing the iMessage app to freeze. It was revealed that the bug takes the form of a vcf file which is sent the iPhone or iPad from a random contact. The file is by default too large for the iMessage app to open. On clicking this, the bug becomes active and the device reverts back to the home screen. This signals the initialization of the bug and attempting to open the iMessage app again will only lead to a crash. No matter how much you attempt to stop and reopen the app, it continues to crash. The bug affects every iPhone running on iOS 8 to the recently released beta versions of iOS 10.2.1, which means that over 85% of iPhones and iPads out there today are vulnerable to its effects.

This isn’t the first bug that has affected iPhones in recent time. Last year, there was a bug, in the form of a string of text messages, which affected iPhones running on iOS 8.3 and made them to crash. Subsequently, Apple Inc. released a fix for the bug and everything about the phones continued to run swimmingly. It is expected that the same will be done to this newly encountered problem sooner or later.

Although a bug fix isn’t available yet, prevention seems to be the best way to go. For iOS users, we advise that if you receive a contact card from someone you don’t know, don’t open it. If history is to serve us well, Apple is a tad slow when it comes to issuing out bug fixes. The next general iOS update might come with a fix included, but we’re not sure yet.

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