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Fix: Nexus 7 Won’t Power On


Have a Nexus 7 that won’t come on due to one reason or the other? Keep calm, a method or two from this post will get your Nexus device back to life.

Nexus 7 or say Nexus devices have a kind of battery that goes unresponsive after a complete drain or when the device has been powered off for a long time. This issue is particularly common to all 2012 Nexus devices and Nexus 7 itself.


It is believed that this is an issue coming from the manufacturer of Nexus’ batteries. They become quite difficult to recharge when the host device is left idle for a long time or when juice is totally drained from off it.

Normally, when this happens, your Nexus devices refuses to boot up each time you attempt to recharge the battery. In boot-loop kind of way, the Nexus 7 shows up the Google logo and after a few seconds, it powers back off or displays a sign which indicates that there isn’t enough power to boot up the tablet. Goes on and on like that…


  • First, ensure that the tablet is plugged-in to power for at least 15 minutes. Irrespective of what is on the display (even if it doesn’t show anything), press and hold the power button to turn it on.
  • At the sight of Google logo, press the volume down key without releasing the power button. This moves the boot screen into the system boot loader. Once the boot loader screen shows up, you can release the buttons
  • Navigate through the options and select ‘power off’. Note that you will be using the volume up and volume down buttons for navigation and power button to select.
  • Disconnect the charger and leave the tablet to rest for a minute or two. Plug back the charger – you should now see the battery icon on the screen indicating the charging status. Leave the tablet for a while then power it on to see your beautiful Nexus breathe life again.

You may have to hold on to the power button or leave the Nexus 7 to charge for much longer in order to get it to turn on. Don’t panic if it doesn’t come on at first, keep trying! A trial will definitely do some magic.

It is a good rule of thumb to never allow your Nexus battery to drain up to 0% and always make use of an original charger to put juice into your tablet.

Hope this works for you 🙂

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