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Download 2go For Windows Phone


2go is a popular Instant Messenger that made its debut in Africa back in 2007. Today, 2go runs on Java running devices, Android devices and now, Windows Phone. 2go for Windows Phone might be a ‘LASTMAN’ in the Windows Phone store due to its late launch (because many have moved on) but everything is pretty decent for a start.

While discussing about this app with a friend recently, the question “do people still use 2go?” then pops up. That’s discussion for another blessed day. In the meantime, let’s see what we’ve got!

Windows Phone users at the time of writing this post will find v1.0.1 of the social messaging app and here’s what you get:

  • Private Chats
  • Photo & File Sharing
  • Contacts Sharing
  • Add Friends
  • Update Status & Profile Picture
  • Emoticons

As for the interface, 2go for Windows Phone is similar to that which is found on other established mobile operating system except for missing features like chat rooms Facebook and GTalk gateway, voice notes and emoticon store. The publisher promises to add these in future updates anyway.

Are you a Windows Phone user? Got a friend who uses one? Then:

Download 2go for Windows Phone now!

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