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Buying Clothes, Shoes & Accessories With Jiji. Don’t MISS!

You might have come across the name Jiji while you were Facebook-ing or doing your normal internet surfing. What is there to know? is a fast-growing Nigerian classifieds offering a wide range of items and services. It has a long list of advantages, and the impressive assortment is one of the greatest here. Moreover, the website is very simple in use. You just register, post an ad for free and wait. Or if you are a buyer, you just start seeking for what you need and contact a seller. Besides, the apps for your Smartphone or iPhone are available, too, so you necessarily don’t need to use a computer for scouting.

buy clothes shoes and accessories with jiji

Fashion and Beauty Jiji category offers a wide range of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and other items. Here you can find some pre-owned items in a very good keep at affordable prices. Some of them weren’t even used, some are produced by the best world brands, and you can get it all without going anywhere or paying much money. Just open the website and type what you want in a Search line. You can also inspect the whole list of goods like an experienced shopaholic. Apply some filters, click on some tags, adjust the list as you like. After you find something interesting, click on it and get more information – the detailed description and owner’s contacts. Look at the feedback and view similar adverts. Nothing complicated at all.


There’s so much fun in lying in bed and shopping for ‘stuff’ you need – ladies can attest to this. While you want to have that sizzling dress for Juliet’s birthday party, you also want to ensure you are doing that at your comfort. Anywhere you go, at anytime you choose, just Jiji it! I recommend you install the Jiji App for Android or iPhone. This gives you more time and accessibility to the deals jungle. As a plus, Jiji mobile app allows you to select your location so as to personalize search results and also show to you deals that are nearer to you. Search, find, view, zoom, make that call! Trust you’ll find what you are looking for.

Jiji clothe shopping  Jiji app

Got something you don’t need anymore? Jiji also lets you sell your used items to other Jijlers and this can be done using the mobile app too. Simply register and start posting. That easy!

Ready to start finding cheap items near you? Phones, Laptops, Fashion Stuff and just name it! Go ahead to download Jiji for Android or Jiji for iPhone. I bet you’d need something for Christmas 😉

Jiji is making our life easier, saving our time and money. It takes care of its users by providing the best possible security and keeps developing to bring you even more advantages in the future.

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