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Best Android Apps For Increasing Battery Life


Every task eats battery life on your Android. Whether it is larger display, greedy resources, frequent desire to play games and all, your battery tends to drain bit by bit until it is entirely gone.

You know, it’s annoying when you have a need to send an urgent text or check your email and your Android device denies you of it. You are probably tired of plugging in your charger over and over again; and wish your Android battery would last longer.

Here are the 4 best Android battery saving apps I’ve seen so far:


Juice defender is one free Android app that helps you to efficiently manage common connections like mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The app features preset modes such as Balanced and Aggressive to meet your specific needs and it allows for tasks scheduling in order to save some more juice.


• Multiple versions to suit needs

• Fully customizable app to save extra hours of battery life

• Scheduling and full activity log

• Separate user profiles to manage apps and battery

• Location-aware features

• Easy and intuitive ad-free user interface

• Two home screen widgets

Download Juice Defender


Go Battery saver is a flexible and easy-to-use Android app that helps improve the battery life on your device and adjusts battery consumption according to your daily activities. The app understands how you want your device to run at certain times so there are presets to handle that for you. Go Battery saver also allows you to define a custom battery saving plan and you get to see the apps that eat your battery more in stats. This app is free but comes with advanced features for a token, you should check it out.


• Clean interface

• Toss scheduled settings

• Offers more control over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and CPU

• Wide collection of skins and themes to choose from

• Multiple user modes

• Two home screen widgets in the free version and 5 in the premium pack

• Upgraded bundle removes ads

Download Go Battery Saver & Power Widget


Battery defender is one of the most feature-rich Android apps that it free in the market. There are plenty of options provided by Battery Defender at no cost at all. The app displays the precise battery percentage on the notification bar. Also, Battery defender allows you to toggle connections like Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data and Bluetooth easily.


• Easy connections toggling

• Fast Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth switch

• Displays battery percentage in the notification bar

• Sleeping mode to save extra power

• Staggered sync

• Whitelist for streaming apps

Download Battery Defender


Taker is a battery saving app that also offers plenty of task-killing features to help avoid unnecessary battery drain. This app makes automation a breeze on any Android device. You can set custom time for disabling connections, use its day and location features to set work schedules and handle calls, text messages and media. And in-app purchase in Tasker will allow you to access some extensions that are tied with it.


• Clean and clutter-free interface

• Numerous configurations and settings for Google’s HDMI dongle

• Automatic settings for text and calls

• Automated settings based on time, day, and location

• 200+ built-in, plugin support

Download Tasker

One or two of these apps should impress you at least. Apart from them, you can install Battery Doctor, Autorun Manager and DU Battery Saver as they perform quite well too.


Foe better battery performance on your Android device, you can turn off NFC, GPS and Bluetooth when not in use. Simply switch to airplane mode if you don’t mind taking your calls and texts out. You can also set your device’s brightness to adjust automatically and turn off automatic updates for apps in order to be awarded with a great deal of battery performance.

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