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Promo Lets You Shop Fashion Stuff At Almost No Cost

Alas! Something we haven’t seen in quite a while (or something I haven’t seen at all) has stormed us big. Introducing; Lagos, Nigeria’s #1 online thrift store that cuts every necessary cost to ensure you get quality clothing.

Scratch that, the Bakomi team aims at getting you quality wears without you having to break the bank. Okay, you saw that stunning cloth that would suit your Valentine taste and well, you saw it. Nothing more ‘cos the ojoro factor sets in – either you are all cashed out or it’s not just budget friendly. This is the gap Bakomi intends to bridge for Nigerians. Sweet, inn’it?

BakomiTHE PERKS sells new and pre-owned fashion items for all ages, most especially females. This is quite different from the classifieds we know (likes of OLX, Jiji, etc.) because it’s just fashion and yes, anyone can get coupons on this platform. The way it works, the Bakomi  people hunt through the hearts of Lagos for the quality wears that are either too big or small or ‘whatever’ for the original owners, they pick it up and present it to you with shiny teeth. I like the shiny teeth part because it serves as assurance/guarantee that we are not getting substandard items. All pre-owned items (or as popularly known, second-hand) items are carefully checked by Bakomi team before listing at all.

This is also a great platform to gift away your unused clothing items and still get paid for it. So now, you really don’t have to spew several thousands of naira more than you can afford for some blazer thingy. Bakomi can get you a piece that stuns (just as one that still got its tags).


And what’s more?

You will also find new items on the Bakomi thrift store. So it’s a mix, based on your budget and partly on available stock. Regardless, it appears everything comes for cheap. So cheap.

You don’t have to pay an arm and legs to get yourself a good outfit (*whispers* Valentine’s Day is right on us). So head over to and start shopping. You would most likely see a coupon at first visit, use it! 🙂

Hey! Bakomi looks fine on every mobile device I’ve seen it on; this is why I’m featuring it!


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