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Mobileraft is a blog that specializes in evangelizing about mobile technology to the right ears. Founded in 2015, this weblog aims at giving mobile-related solutions, tutorials, reviews and news about several mobile phone brands.

Quick Disclaimer: This blog is run by really unserious lads. You might wanna beef less 🙂

Mobileraft is just like any other mobile technology focused blog on the virtual sphere with a distinction of course; we give you everythang mobile in common language that you’d definitely understand. Our posts are such that geeks and non-geeks can easily interpret in their own language. That way, the world would be a better place!

Any review found on this blog is coming from an unbiased laboratory. We reserve the right to give praises to worthy brands or devices and do the opposite when appropriate. We hate false verdict/information as much as you do. We promise not to put unrelated stuff into words for you.

Welcome to Mobileraft and happy rafting!

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