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Wi-Fi vs Wefie – How To Pronounce Correctly

It is getting quite alarming that majority of us find it difficult to pronounce Wi-Fi correctly. And with Infinix’s new entrant, “Infinix S2 X522” carrying the “Wefie” tag, the confusion only gets worse. 2017 demands that we should at least pronounce Wi-Fi the right way!

Let’s look at the differences between both terms, shall we?

What is Wi-Fi?

Because this blog is meant to explain “mobile stuff” in simple and common language, I won’t go over to harvest all the big-big grammar from Wiki down here.
Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity and it’s that thing that lets you access the internet by connecting you to a host (hotspot) through WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technology. Wi-Fi allows for extra functions like fast file sharing (which is used by Xender, ShareIt, etc.) and more.

What is Wefie?

Wefie is a codename for groupie – which is the opposite of selfie. Wefies simply connote a self-taken photo that includes two, three or more people. If you are not the only one in your selfie, please do not call it a selfie anymore or you’d be offending the gods so bad. It’s a groupie or say… Wefie!

Wi-Fi vs Wefie – Correct Pronunciation 

Wi-Fi is pronounced as “Why Phy” or “Wai Fai”.

Wefie, on the other hand, is pronounced as “We fee”.

Got it? Good! Go and sin no more.
Now share the gospel until everyone gets it. Find the share links (Facebook, Twitter, Everywhere else) below.

And this is for the thomases who would still want video proof:






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