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WhatsApp Extends Judgement Day For BlackBerry & Friends Till June 2017

Early last year, WhatsApp, the world’s most ubiquitous cross-platform messaging app, announced that, starting December 31st, it was going to discontinue its services on some selected mobile phones; all BlackBerrys (apart from the BlackBerry Priv, which runs on the Android OS), Nokia S40 and Nokia S60, Windows 7.1, iOS 6, iPhone 3G, Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 platforms.

Although the decision came with a lot of concerns and some backlash (mostly from those who were still using the specified platforms), the company advised that those who will be affected should look into changing their phones or upgrading their operating systems. In time, people got used to the fact that WhatsApp wouldn’t be available for much longer and braced up for the eventual service cancellation.

However, in a blog post earlier this month, WhatsApp announced again that in a bid to consider the needs of a lot of its users, especially those who have relatively new and quite acceptable phones, it was going to extend the validity of the BlackBerry platforms till June 2017. This means that while they will still be able to operate WhatsApp for the time being, the service will be totally blocked on the platforms by June. The Nokia S40 and Nokia S60 platforms have also been given an extension, while others have gotten the axe. In a blog post at the time, WhatsApp stated that the devices didn’t have the capabilities and operating power they needed to roll out features which will expand the app’s future and operation in the coming years.

Users who will be affected have been told to wrap up usage as no more extensions will be offered as soon as it’s June.
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