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Visafone Offers 10 Terabyte Data Plan For N1000

Visafone 10Terabyte Data Plan

Visafone 10Terabyte Data Plan

He made impossibility possible’ – that’s the song right? I was stunned when I first heard that Visafone offers 10 Terabyte of data for as low as N1000 (One Thousand Naira spelt in full). Yes, I considered it unrealistic the way you probably just did but brothers and sisters, this thing is real!

Before you begin saying in your mind that I’m giving out fake information, let me explain to you how I got to believe the whole story. Got the info, visited a friend in Ikeja, Lagos; same friend took me to another friend and then I saw a Visafone powered phone running an active data plan of 10TB (math: 10,000GB and 10,000,000MB) with my naked eyes and a very good perk that’s attached is that the plan can be shared with up to five other devices via hotspot, Bluetooth or other form of tethering available to you.

Visafone 10 Terabyte Data Plan @ N1000 – FULL DETAILS

The news in details…. Visafone gives you 10 Terabyte when you subscribe for their daily and monthly BlackBerry bundle which is priced at N65 and N1,000 respectively. The extremely large data bundle can be tethered with other devices unlike the conventional BIS and it supports full internet browsing, downloading, streaming and VoIP calls. The catch however is that you have to buy a Visafone powered BlackBerry device. That’s right; you’ll be spewing cash to get a CDMA phone in order to have access to this mouth-watering deal.

As much as I know, Visafone has in stock a BlackBerry Curve 4 and a Bold 5 exclusive to their network and both go for about N25,000 and N45,000 accordingly. Once you have any of these, you can then go ahead to purchase the daily or monthly bundle. Before I reveal to you the activation codes, please read this disclaimer:

It has been discovered that the BlackBerry 10 Terabyte plan opens webpages at a much slower speed than usual. However, streaming and VoIP calls are a breeze! Downloading as well is quite fast. Note that network reception may determine the maximum speed in your area.


For the monthly plan, send BBCM to 6000 @ N1,000

For the daily plan, send BBCD to 6000 @ N65

This plan has been around for a while now (since Quarter 4 in 2014) and in my own opinion, it’s a good idea. Although, you have to pick this plate of coleslaw right from a Lion’s belly by taking the risk – spending above 20k is a risk for many, several movie freaks and power internet users are offering a sacrifice of thanks to Visafone.

Will you subscribe to Visafone’s 10 Terabyte data plan for N1,000 today, tomorrow or soonest? Kindly leave your comment!



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  1. What I want to understand is i have a bb phone nd If I configure it would d plan work with my Airtel Sim am using on the bb

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