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Samsung Finally Explains The Reason Behind Exploding Galaxy Note 7

Remember when Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 and how hundreds of reports came in less than two weeks of its release that the phones were spontaneously exploding? Well, the mystery behind the whole situation has finally been unraveled.

In the third quarter of last year, the South Korean tech giant was forced to entirely cut the production of the Galaxy Note 7 after airlines banned them for safety reasons and customers complained in droves that the phones ‘burning holes in their pockets’ and catching on fire- a move that cost the company over $5 billion.

On Monday, Samsung finally explained that wonky batteries were to blame for the sudden explosion of these phones.

After a thorough investigation over the cause of this ‘explosive mystery’, around 700 Samsung engineers carried out tests on over a quarter of a million Note 7 smartphones and 50,000 batteries that were fully charged and completely drained over the course of several months.

In a press conference, the President of Samsung mobile communications explained that the batteries were the cause of this. “We found that both the complete devices and singular batteries showed incidents at almost the same rates as those in the field. This indicated to us that these incidents were caused by the battery cell itself and we decided to focus our investigation on the batteries”

The investigation found that the issue with the batteries were irregularly sized and did not fit the phones properly- an issue that further caused excessive overheating.

The wide recall of the phones had a lasting impact on the overall reputation of Samsung, the largest smartphone maker in the world and as a response, Samsung has promised a complete reform in the firm’s overall production technique in the coming years and better quality control processes to prevent another crisis like this from happening. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed. It’s definitely going to be a ‘mind blower’.


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