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Nokia 3310 To Be Reborn Like A Boss

Over a decade and a half since it was first released and launched, the Nokia 3310 is set to make a comeback.

Although there was a bit of a rebrand with the 3310 Classic (which, by the way, was more of a disappointment by many standards), HMD Oy Global- a technology manufacturer based in Finland and holding exclusive rights to market Nokia’s brand and products- has stated that they plan to release a revamped version of the antique and legendary mobile phone by the end of this month.

The original version of the 3310, which was retired and had no more of its units produced by 2015, had according to Nokia sold over 120 million units, a staggering figure that makes it by far the world’s best-selling mobile phone till date.

Just in case you didn’t know, the Nokia 3310 is codenamed ‘the best phone ever’.  You can find out why in this funny but true MEME.

Nokia 3310

Although HMD has been coy as to what improvements and updates will be made to the Classic version (if there will be any at all), there have been price speculations surrounding it as it will reportedly be available only in Europe and North America at a price of €59, a price that’s significantly less than the price of the original as at its first launch in 2000.

There have also been no reports as to the similarity of the revamped version to the original version, which was made popular due to its long battery life, seeming indestructibility and the highly addictive game, Snake II.

What do you think? Will this make for a comeback for Nokia? Does it even make sense at all? Fire up in the comments box please 🙂

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