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Windows Phone

More Windows Phones To Get The Next Build Of Windows 10 Preview [FULL LIST]

Microsoft Windows 10 for phones is currently available in beta form through the Windows Insider program as with the PC edition. However, not everyone enrolled into the technical preview program can have Windows 10 running on the phones as a result of Microsoft’s temporary limitation to specific phones.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft details that the next build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones will make room for a huge number of other devices to opt in. Also, the blog post states that Microsoft is working towards increasing the rate at which updates from the Technical Preview are being pushed.

For those who didn’t get Windows 10 Technical Preview initially, here’s a list of Windows Phone devices that will be receiving the next build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones:
[list style=”star”]
[li] Lumia 1020 [/li]
[li] Lumia 1320[/li]
[li] Lumia 1520[/li]
[li] Lumia 520 [/li]
[li] Lumia 525 [/li]
[li] Lumia 526 [/li]
[li] Lumia 530 [/li]
[li] Lumia 535 [/li]
[li] Lumia 620 [/li]
[li] Lumia 625[/li]
[li] Lumia 630 [/li]
[li] Lumia 635 [/li]
[li] Lumia 636 [/li]
[li] Lumia 638 [/li]
[li] Lumia 720 [/li]
[li] Lumia 730 [/li]
[li] Lumia 735 [/li]
[li] Lumia 810 [/li]
[li] Lumia 820 [/li]
[li] Lumia 822 [/li]
[li] Lumia 830 [/li]
[li] Lumia 920 [/li]
[li] Lumia 925 [/li]
[li] Lumia 928 [/li]
[li] Lumia ICON [/li]
[li] Lumia 430 [/li]
[li] Lumia 435 [/li]
[li] Lumia 532 [/li]
[li] Lumia 640 [/li]
Only Lumia devices for now….
We have no news as to when the next build will actually hit the air but Microsoft promises that it will come soon enough.

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