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If Apple Made A Car, Would It Have Windows?

We all know about smartphone giant Apple and PC giant Microsoft (maybe not all of us). The relationship between the two companies isn’t very direct but we can draw a valid chart of rivalry between them. On the mobile aspect of things which we are concerned about, Apple is the chief owner and manufacturer of iPhones, iPads and other iDevices with Apple’s popular iOS running inside of them and Microsoft the PC giant is the grand administrator of Windows Phones running Windows OS therein.

Apple sits at the top of the mobile food chain in terms of sales while Microsoft struggles with third place. The rivalry between both companies is far beyond their PC, mobile and tablet adventures. I think there’s some personal beef. Lol! It is actually normal in the name of competition.

News have it that Apple is making a future generation car that would be nothing but AWESOME! Now, for the sake of this post, Apple is Apple and Microsoft is Windows. Proceed to see the image below. Total humor!

Side Note: Apple is also popular for suing people because they patent a lot. They might not want to use other people’s property; now, imagine a car without windows? *holds laugh*


Take Windows to be those glass panes in a car *winks*
Take Windows to be those glass panes in a car *winks*

Huh? Think about it!

Mark says:

No, it would have some kind of viewing portals which would be copyrighted and anyone with regular windows would end up in court and owe them money.

Matt says:

It wouldn’t have wheels, as it would be required to run on apple gauge tracks…… sold separately…
 You could only ride on apple certified roads and only get gas at apple stations. You would have to jailbreak it to ride on non apple certified roads.
Stephen says something entirely different:
If Microsoft made a car, it would crash every few minutes and stop for no reason, and you would have to close all the windows and restart it and then open the windows again.
What do you say?


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  1. The bruv that talked about Microsoft killed it! Sure Apple will put windows in their car but they will not call it windows, AIRDOWS!

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