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Have You Tried Jiji in 2016?

Jiji strikes to be the biggest and the greatest shopping spot in Nigeria. For the new gees, Jiji is a place where you can find absolutely everything and buy it without any efforts. This service is meant to show that shopping can be easy and convenient. And really: now you don’t have to go anywhere. Just take your laptop or a Smartphone and start investigating offers.

Jiji typically reminds us of a classic market with several differences, defined by the domain where it functions. Unlike an ordinary market, here you don’t have to pay rent for a counter or any other fees. You get your own personal place for shopping, where all ads can be posted for free and found by people from all over the country. All you need is to provide a detailed description of an item you sell, add some photos and leave valid contacts. Buying what you need is also easy due to the convenient and detailed searching system.

Presents from Jiji: affordable LCD TVs for everyone!
Presents from Jiji: affordable LCD TVs for everyone!

You may naturally see as another web store, which tries to sell its products. However, it is not a shop and it doesn’t sell anything. It is a marketplace, which helps people to sell stuff by providing a spot and an opportunity for this. Also, Jiji helps users to communicate with each other directly, making it easy to specify all details and appoint a meeting.

This website is a good solution for buying devices and electronics. If you consider buying a smartphone, TV set, or just name it; look for it in the Mobiles or LCD TVs section. Here you will find models from nearly 20 TV manufacturers and several mobile phone brands.


Jiji boasts of over 530,000 active ads and over 10,000,000 monthly visitors. But it is still the best at taking care of its users’ needs and interests, perhaps!

The juicy part? You can do all of the good stuff right from your mobile phone. Download the Jiji app for Android or iOS.

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