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Glo Wants To Give You A Free Smartphone

Ever-generous GLO is at it again. In a bid to reward her customers (and a small way to say “Happy New Year, if it’s not too late), Globacom Nigeria will give as many as possible people free smartphones this year. Talk about Santa in February…

What’s The Catch?

This time, we are tempted to subscribe to one of their yearly data plans or we ain’t getting nothing. Yes, yearly plans!
In order to be eligible for this ‘free smartphone’ offer, you need to subscribe to any of the two yearly plans below:

  1. The N15,000 Yearly Data Plan – This plan gives you 1.4GB of data monthly and a total of 17GB in 1 year. Plan costs N15,000.
  2. The 18,000 Yearly Data Plan – This plan gives you 1.8GB of data monthly and a total of 21gb in 1 year. Plan costs N18,000.

Of course there are better offers for data hungry people like me, but this looks strictly targeted at people who barely use data… and it’s a good one.

One more thing…

You MUST subscribe through one of their outlets. Purchasing through any other medium will not qualify you to win a phone. Period.

Which Phones Are In Line For The Giveaway?

About that; so Glo in her infinite kindness wishes to reward customers with any of Innjoo Halo, Alcatel Pixi 3 or Wiko Lenny 1 (this one is only for those who opt for the N18,000 plan).


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