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Cortana Is Coming To Android & iPhone

Microsoft has made some big decisions in the last six months and bringing its deservedly glorified virtual assistant to Android and iPhone is just one of the weighty decisions the Redmond Company is making. What is the motive behind this? How well will it turn out? We shall see.

All three mobile operating system giant (pardon my exclusion of BlackBerry please, no personal beef) seem to have their own recognized voice command agent now – Cortana for Windows Phone, Siri for Apple and ‘just’ Google Search for Android. Today, we know of more battles between Siri and Cortana. Is Google trying to waive the fact that Google Voice is losing grounds in recent headlines?

Back to the news, Cortana may be making its way to Android and iPhone in a few months from now. The project is named ‘Einstein’, but we are not sure if this will be Cortana’s name on other operating systems. Till then!

Cortana is a fun personal assistant in all rounds – and very helpful too. You can search for music/song details, keep a reminder, check the latest news and weather report, make calls, play music, open apps, run specific application tasks, ask it to remind you of something when you visit a place or call someone, etc. There are lots of things you’d appreciate the agent for as it is now and Microsoft is still working very hard to make Cortana the best.
How Cortana will sit well on other operating system without some restrictions or difficulties is what I wonder at the moment. What do you think?

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