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Mobile Photography

CLASH! Lumia 720 vs 730 Photography

Lumia 720 vs 730 camera

Nokia Lumia 720 is a Windows Phone device with 6.7MP Camera + Carl Zeiss optics, Autofocus and LED Flash. Microsoft Lumia 730 on the other hand is a much updated Windows Phone device with 6.7MP Camera + Carl Zeiss optics, Autofocus, Face detection, Panorama and LED Flash. The 720 has a sensor size of 1/3.6” and the 730 has got 1/3.4” for itself.

The photo below shows the difference between using a Lumia 720 and Lumia 730 to take pictures. The difference is clear!

A thousand words can be embedded in a picture right? I’ve done enough talking. See for yourself!

Lumia 720 vs 730 camera
Instagram: @lumiairan / @annycaroliney

Moral lesson: It is not all about Mega-pixels.

What do you think?


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