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Cheapest 9mobile Call Tariff Plans & Codes 2018 (Updated)

The recent re-branding of Etisalat to 9mobile stirred up a lot of complaints from subscribers who cannot figure out why 9mobile is suddenly so expensive. However on the other hand, there are people (like me) who are sworn to 9mobile till death. What makes the difference, you ask? Simple: SIM optimization. I can’t explain 😀 So let’s have a look at today’s buzzing 9mobile call tariff plans…

Eti – sorry, 9mobile has a tariff plan for everyone. The problem is, it’s either your tariff suits you perfectly or drives you nuts. There is no in-between. That’s

Being a die-hard 9mobile fan, and an owner of 3 different 9mobile SIM cards (on different tariffs. I hope it’s not against any law) I’m in the best position to speak on… the cheapest 9mobile call tariffs 2018.

We’ll be looking at 10 different tariffs to give you a wide range of choice. As I did in cheapest Airtel tariffs and cheapest MTN tariffs, we’ll also consider how long N100 can keep us talking.

How To Check Your Current 9mobile Call Tariff Plan

Before we go on, I urge you to find out what tariff you’re currently on. Do that by dialing *200*1*6#

Next, kindly consider what you’re looking for. Is it free data or cheap call rates or both? Make up your mind.

Done? Great! Let’s move on to the tariffs

Best 9mobile Call Tariff Plans – January 2018

9mobile Call Tariff

  1. 9mobile MORECLIQ
  2. 9mobile MORETALK
  3. 9mobile MOREFLEX
  5. 9mobile MORELIFE
  6. 9mobile TALKZONE
  7. 9mobile CLIQLITE
  9. 9mobile MOREBUSINES
  10. 9mobile SUPER BONUS


9mobile MoreCliq

Name: 9mobile MoreCliq

Call Rate: 40k/sec

Daily charge? : no

N100 calls for: 5 mins 22 secs

Migration code: *244*1#

Formerly known as easy cliq, this tariff is my favorite. Its not great for calling but it’s other attributes make up for it. My primary SIM actually subscribes to this tariff. With 9mobile more cliq, you are eligible to make mid-night calls from 12:30 to 4:30. I can’t count the number of times I’ve slept late due to this feature. It’s great for conference call or a late night rendezvous.

Asides that, 9mobile also gifts 15 megabytes on every #200 recharge.

Its call rates are mid-range:

  • 20k/sec to 9mobile lines
  • 40k/sec to other networks

However after spending #25 , the call rates drop to:

  • 15/sec cliq to cliq
  • 20/sec to 9mobile lines
  • 30/sec to other lines

Sweet right?

N100 calls for:

  • 9mins 4secs- cliq to cliq
  • 7mins 33secs – 9mobile lines
  • 5mins 22secs – other networks

How to migrate

Simply dial *244*1#


9mobile MoreTalk

  • Name: 9mobile MoreTalk
  • Rate: 40k/ sec
  • Daily charge? : no
  • N100 calls for: 15 mins 26 secs
  • Migration code:*244*2#

This plan is perfect for those who make a lot of calls. I use this tariff on my second Etisalat SIM.

It was previously known as Etisalat easy starter. This tariff plan offers the you and me feature. This feature allows you to choose 5 numbers to call with a special bonus granted each time you recharge.

The tariff drops from 40k/sec to 25k/sec after spending #25 in a day. It also has the receiver pays feature. This feature and the ‘you and me’ feature are the reason I chose to subscribe to this tariff. It doesn’t allow you get stranded. Just like its name, you’re always talking!

Apart from that, you get:

  • 300 weekly to call your you and me numbers when you recharge #200
  • 100 weekly to call your you and me numbers when you recharge #100
  • 10 Megabytes on every recharge of #100

N100 calls for:


How to migrate

Dial *244*2#


9mobile MoreFlex

  • Name: 9mobile MoreFlex
  • Call Rate: –
  • Daily charge? : no
  • N100 calls for: –
  • Migration code:

This tariff is a little bit complicated. For one thing, its not normal, it has what I’ll like to refer to as sub-tariffs.

Let me explain. 9mobile MoreFlex let’s you recharge then buy bundles. These bundles include data or and airtime. For example subscription to the #300 bundle gives you #900 and #50 megabytes

Let’s view these bundles.

  • N300 bundle: 300% bonus available
  • N500 bundle : 300% bonus available
  • N1000 bundle: 300% bonus available
  • N2000 bundle: 150% bonus available
  • N4000 bundle: 300% bonus available
  • N5000 bundle : 150% bonus available
  • N10,000 bundle: 300% bonus available
  • N20,000 bundle : 300% available
MoreFlex N300 N300 *344*300#
More Flex N500 N500 *344*500#
MoreFlex N1000 N1000 *344*1000#
MoreFlex N2000 N2000 *344*2000#
MoreFlex N4000 N4000 *344*4000#
MoreFlex N5000 N5000 *344*5000#
MoreFlex N10000 N10000 *344*10000#
MoreFlex N20000 N20000 *344*20000#

One more great thing is that if you buy #2000/#5000 twice consecutively, the 3rd bundle is free. Hats off for 9mobile.


9mobile MoreFlex Evolution

  • Name: 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution
  • Call Rate: – 40k/sec
  • Daily charge? : no
  • N100 calls for: –
  • Migration code:*320*0#

This tariff has something for everyone. It comes in two varieties. One for browsers: data plus. And another for callers: voice plus.

Let’s check this plan out!

Bundle Type Bundle cost Voice plus value Data plus value Validity (days)
More flex evolution 500 N500 N1500 for calls + 75mb N500 for calls +300mb 7
More flex evolution 1000 N1000 N3000 for calls +150mb N1000 for calls +750mb 14
More flex evolution 2000 N2000 N7000 for calls +500mb N3000 for calls +2GB 30
More flex evolution 5000 N5000 N15000 for calls +1GB N5000 for calls +3GB 30
More flex evolution 10000 N10000 N30000 for calls +2GB N10000 for calls +7GB 30

How to migrate

  • Migration : *320#
  • Option out: *300*0#
  • Check your balance : *232#


9mobile MoreLife

  • Name: 9mobile MoreLife
  • Call Rate: – 11k/sec
  • Daily charge: yes, #5
  • N100 calls for: 14mins 39secs
  • Migration code: *420*1#

This tariff is for talkers, yes, 9mobile has got us covered. At 11k/sec to all lines, talking is easy. 9mobile has gone a step further to allow 20k/sec rates to UK landlines, USA, India and China as well as free incoming calls when roaming from 6 selected countries.

N100 calls for :

14mins 29secs

How to migrate

Dial *420*1#


9mobile TalkZone

  • Name: 9mobile TalkZone
  • Call Rate: –
  • Daily charge: no
  • N100 calls for: 14mins 30secs
  • Migration code:*244*8#

Similar to the MTN Zone Plan, calls are billed based on your location. Calls to 9mobile lines are charged at 12k/sec from 12:30am to 4:30am. Its an easy plan with sweet rates and has subscribers happy.

N100 calls for

14mins /30 secs

How to migrate

Dial *244*8#


9mobile CliqLite

  • Name: 9mobile CliqLite
  • Call Rate: –
  • Daily charge: no
  • N100 calls for: –
  • Migration code: *244*10#

This tariff is the one which my last SIM is subscribed to. It allows free access to educational and entertainment applications.

Though it targets children aged 8-15, it’s available to all. It supports learning and education. It’s a great choice for learning.

How to migrate

Dial *244*10#


9mobile MoreCliq Break Free

  • Name: 9mobile MoreCliq Break Free
  • Call Rate: – 25k/sec
  • Daily charge: no
  • N100 calls for: –
  • Migration code:-

This tariff is available to only MoreCliq subscribers. It allows you to choose your bonus. The options are

  • 350% bonus to On-net calls (50% of this bonus can be used to call other networks and the remaining 50% is strictly for 9mobile lines. This attracts a call rate of 40k/sec)
  • 250% bonus to all networks (this attracts a call rate of 50k/sec)
  • 100% bonus on all data purchases from 50MB to 500MB

How to migrate

First option into MoreCliq tariff then dial *545# to choose from the options


9mobile MoreBusiness

  • Name: MoreBusiness
  • Call Rate: –
  • Daily charge: no
  • N100 calls for: –
  • Migration code:

This tariff is for business. 9mobile has taken to mind that there are businesses everywhere, striving to bloom. And they want to help every business grow. Its created for cheap calls between employees and employers.

Package Price Minutes Data Opt-in-code
Business 1000 N1000 70 750 MB *246*4*24#
Business 2000 N2000 150 1.5GB *246*4*21#

2000 Voice

N2000 300 *246*4*26#
Business 5000 N5000 300 5GB *246*4*22#


N10000 650 10 GB *246*4*23#
Staff 1000 data N1000 70 750MB *246*4*business


Staff 1000 Voice N1000 150 *246*4*business


Staff CUG XS N1000 55

(National 500 CUG)




9mobile Super Bonus

  • Name: 9mobile Super Bonus
  • Call Rate: –
  • Daily charge: no
  • N100 calls for: –
  • Migration code:-

This offer is a one time offer. Available to users who have just got their SIM cards.

Simply recharge #200 and get #1400.

However, if you stay on this tariff, you’ll get a 250% on every recharge.

How to migrate

Buy a 9mobile SIM, register and recharge #200

Finally! We’re done. Etisa – sorry, 9mobile is striving real hard to ensure that you see that they are here for you and here for Nigeria. Which tariff is your favorite? Don’t have a SIM card? Get one today, or share this post and I may consider giving you one of my 3!

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