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Apple Watch Edition Starts at $10,000 Only


Apple on Monday announced that the Watch Edition of their smartwatch series will have a price starting from $10,000 which is about 80,000 Euros and 200,000 Naira accordingly. Currently, this is Apple’s most expensive product and it also is the first product invented without the late Steve Jobs in one way or the other. (May his gentle sound RIP)

Apple Watch Edition is 18 carat pure gold, features a sapphire crystal and a retina display. This is simply awesome! The price however is scary! Remember, Apple will be releasing a new edition probably next year and by then, this particular variant begins to stale. What then will you say of your several thousands of dollars spent?

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Apple also broke the news that Apple Watch products will not be useless, they simply said it will launch with thousands of apps. Facebook, Instagram and some other apps were demoed at the event. Things worked pretty well; you can also reply text messages by speaking to the watch and you see options like “send as text” and “send as audio”. Apple Watch Edition and other variants will be on sale starting from April 24.

There’s the update about Apple Watch Edition. Are you ready to strap one on your wrist anytime soon?



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