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5 WhatsApp Tricks You Never Knew

WhatsApp has numerous uses; the ubiquitous messaging, voice calls and the recently added video calls. However, there are some hidden things that the app is capable of performing; uses which aren’t known to just everyone. Most times, upon getting to know these tricks, people marvel (as if they just discovered fire or something), other times, the hidden uses seem useless. Nevertheless, here are the top 10 tricks you can perform on your WhatsApp that not everyone knows about:

– Read messages without the sender knowing:

There’s a usual paradigm in messaging that you have to reply a message once you see it. Ever been in a situation where you want to read a message without having to reply or without making the sender realize you saw it? Apparently, now you can, if you follow these simple steps

  • Go to your phone network settings and disable your mobile data (or simply turn on flight mode)
  • Go back to the message and read it
  • Return to your settings and switch your mobile data back on (or in the case of flight mode, switch it off again)When you do this, blue ticks (which indicate that you’ve read the message) won’t appear due to lack of internet connection.

– Operate without a SIM card

This trick is only available for those using tablets to run their WhatsApp account. You can actually run our WhatsApp account seamlessly without using a SIM card. However, you’ll need a nearby functional SIM. Simply install WhatsApp on the tablet and during the verification process, save the number of the SIM. A message containing your verification code will be sent to that SIM and you can simply enter in where appropriate. Your account is verified and you’re ready to go.

– Extend validity

WhatsApp requires regular updates. If you won’t update your app by yourself, they’ll force you to do so by temporarily cutting you off. Most times, updates contain just little tweaks and you spend a considerable amount of data and space for almost nothing. The process of extending your WhatsAppp validity is quite complex, so follow closely:

  • Head into your WhatsApp settings. Go to Account and then, click on Change Number
  • Enter your number as the old number. If you have a second SIM, put it as your new number
  • Do this again, swapping the two numbers as old and new. This means your original number returns to its position
  • Bam! Your WhatsApp account’s validity is extended for a whole year.

– Hide last seen

Your last seen shows people the last time when you were on WhatsApp. If you’re looking to hide that, maybe from stalkers or other weird people, just go to Settings, then Account and then Privacy. From here, you can change whatever settings you want to change relating to your privacy; your last seen, profile picture, status, etc.

– Send edited texts

Apart from normal texts and fonts, you can make special edits to them. Pay attention

  • To make a text bold, add an asterisk (*) before and after the text (e.g *bold*)
  • To put a text in italic form, add an underscore(_) before and after the text (e.g _italic_)
  • To strike a text out, add a hyphen(_) before and after it (e.g -strike-)

Go try ’em out ninjas!

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